LG-500 Fruit And Vegetable Dicing Machine

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The fruit and vegetable three-dimensional fresh cut machine (i.e. Large dicing machine)is the company and the Jiangsu University jointly assume the provincial science and Technology Departmentof science and technology plan to support research projects, which belongs to the high-tech product, has a national invention patents and a number of national utility model patents. The main feature of the machine is: cutting size range, .  up to 25mm cube; cutting parts and mechanical transmission parts are thoroughly isolat-ed, completely eliminate the contamination of the product; no sanitation dead, the team quickly cleaning; replacing the cutter is convenient, reduces the repair work. Suitable for potato, carrot, potato, onion, green pepper, strawberry, apple, peach, pear,pineapple and other tubers of fresh fruits and vegetables cut into slices, strips, diced product.

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Material from the feed hopper into a rotating propeller, under the action of centrifugal force, close to the inner side of the outer shell, with the propeller blades through the slicing knife cut into pieces; section in comb with the blade seat moves between a rotat- cut set square, ing disc knife is cut into strips; and then moved to the rotation of the transverse cutter, cut set square, rectangle or other preset dimension .


Installation Operation

The machine includes a sharp tool, rotating parts and high voltage power supply, cutter replacement and repair and mainte nance equipment; must first disconnect the power supply and the lock, the visual confirmation device has come to a complete stop, they open the casing or the import and export of the door cover, or else it could lead to serious injury.

㈠Daily maintenance
Open the import and export of door cover, only with clean tap water to rinse the cutter assembly. The machine work a month later, can open the shell to the three bearing seat hole filling grease amount of gas

㈡The main components of the maintenance
1) Disassemble
b.Remove transverse cutter assembly, randomly with special locking wrench is inserted into the transverse cutter coupling outer ring, movable plate hand counterclockwise to loose the locking type knife assembly nut, a hand hold the crosscut knife assembly axially out crosscut knife assembly.
c.Remove disc cutter assembly. The special locking plate inserting the hand knife disc coupling outer ring, a hand disk cutter assembly another hand activities board hand counterclockwise loosen disc cutter assembly positioned to ensure a long bolt, axially and remove long bolts; you can remove the disc cutter assembly
d.Use socket wrench, counter clockwise rotation of three six angle bolt; can remove the comb plate
e.Use special tool hook inserted blade on the pores’ draw out the inserting slice knife. With six angle plate rotary hand piece knife seat beneath the two inner six angle bolt, can remove blade seat
a.Disconnect the power to open and lock, import and export of door cover

2) Cleaning and inspection
A thorough cleaning, inspection of the disc blade and cross-cutting blade is worn, when necessary, replacement blades.Inserted blade removal and installation is very convenient, alone, at any time can be drawn to grind or replace .

3) Reassemble

a、 Blade mounting reset; two six angle bolt rotation force required. Then insert the  blade tip, check whether encounter propeller blade.
b、 According to production needs, select the comb plate. Slice thickness is different, the comb plate is also different, adjust the gap size is also different. The comb plate  against the adjustable valve on top of foot (pictured》three fixed bolts tightened evenly.With a 100mm long short ruler from the propeller tip internal measurement to guide comb plate between the gap (i.e.j the future of slice thickness), such as a comb plate selection is 15, then the gap should be adjusted to 15mm. If the actual measured value is less thanl5; the shutter release and locking nut, reverse rotation with knurled nut; valve lift; the tip to guide comb plate between the enlarged gap. Conversely, the tip to reduce a clearance between the guide comb plate. The actual measurement accuracy, the shutter and the nut and tight, to prevent loosening caused the tip to guide comb gap change. After a good tune available short ruler and then check the comb and the lower end of the knife seat between the gap, this gap should be slightly larger than the gap betweenl-2mm. Such as the difference, need to check whether the valve is close with the comb plate, or a fixed comb plate three bolts are uniformly tightening. Comb plate installation is not in place; will affect the next disc cutter assembly installation, causing the comb plate and knife disc friction


c、As a result of the replacement disk blade and re-assembly should pay attention to the spacer sequence, with particular attention to start and end position of the gasket gasket. Install disc cutter assembly using the right hand to hold the assembly, the knife disc clamp to alignment coupling positioning bayonet, may be positioned along the small shaft disc cutter assembly tool holding hole, and the clockwise direction. A small shaft must be pushed, and can rotate freely. If not easily blocked, need to check the disk cutter assembly positioning bayonet is installed correctly Such as the replacement of the different specifications of the comb plate, should replace the corresponding disc cutter assembly

d、Such as the need to replace the cross-cut knife assembly when the blade, remove the cross-cut knife assembly, first loosen the cross-cut knife assembly is fixed flange of the inner six angle screws, remove the flange; radially out cross-cutting blade. The installation of new blade, blade tip gap check whether the entry slot in place, to cover flange, symmetric force screw on the inner six angle screws will affect the next disc cutter assembly installation^ causing the comb plate and knife disc friction The crosscut knife assembly, along the groove direction set in horizontal knife shaft, screw and nut. Hand slow dynamic disk slitting knife shaft synchronous wheel, to observe whether there is any blade encountered blade seat along the lowei; such as
collision, remove the cross-cut knife assembly to assembly of cross-cutting knife. Otherwise, immediately after starting to play bad blade .Cutting of different specifications of the material^ the comb assembly; disc cutter assembly; cross-cutting knife assembly were replaced.

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