LG-500 Platform Directional Slicer

Short Description:

According to the size and shape of the material to choose the appropriate feeding port, manual direction, one material after another, manual pressing, feeding port intersection, circular oval piece, no hand pressure, accurate orientation, thickness adjustable, thickness consistent, high smoothness.

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Technical parameters

.Normal supply of feed hole specifications φ 76, φ 63, φ 51, φ 38 each 2 holes or according to user needs to order.
.cut 2 bananas with φ 38, 4- φ 38, spare φ 51, φ 63.
.slice thickness of 1-6mm, adjust with gasket, thickness = blade pad height.
The main purpose
suitable for carrot, caramel, onion ring, apple ring, lotus root, burdock, yam, bamboo shoot sweet orange and other potato, ball, root fruit and vegetable material directional slice.
Background information
This machine is according to the market product quality requirements of higher and higher design and manufacture.

Platform directional slicer instruction (5)


1010 * 610 * 940mm


Cutting size


1.6 -30mm

Exit size

370 * 270 * 370mm






Feed trough

ϕ22 -ϕ76mm







The machine is designed and manufactured according to the market product quality requirements.
Select the appropriate feeding port according to the material size, small and shape, and press it in the feed port manually, one material after the other. Banana, round and oval pieces do not need to be pressed by hand.
It has the characteristics of accurate orientation, adjustable sheet shape, consistent thickness and good finish.
It is suitable for the directional slice of sweet potato, ball, root, fruit and vegetable materials such as carrot, coke, onion ring, apple ring, lotus root, burdock, yam, bamboo shoot and sweet orange.

Feed in Hole

1. Specification of normal supply feed hole Φ 76、 Φ 63、 Φ 51、 Φ 38 2 holes each or order as required by the user.
2. The section shape of the feed port is elliptical, and it is produced according to the user order specification.
3. It can also be made into elliptical shaped feed port according to material.
4. Power on operation:Professional electrician is required to connect the motor for trial operation, and the zero line and live line of the motor shall not be connected reversely. (or disassemble the switch button, take photos and contact the manufacturer to guide wiring)
Note: there shall be no hard objects such as stones in the material.

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