LG-550 Multi-functional Vegetables Cutting Machine

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This machine is based on a variety of imported machine in the domestic field use of the shortcomings of the existing, repeatedly improved design and manufacture. Stainless steel and the full rolling bearing structure, with beautiful appearance, mature and reliable, easy to use and so on. Suitable for dehydration, frozen, fresh, preserved, and food industry, all kinds of vegetables processing, such as Welsh Onion (onion), leek, leek, garlic, celery, parsley, cylinder beans, beans cut into sections; cabbage cabbage, green peduncle vegetable, spinach diced; yam, bamboo shoot, burdock slices; green and red pepper, onion cut the circle; sliced carrot, silk; aloe cut of granule, strip.

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Technical parameters and its description

(1) Cutting section: the total cut into the cutting of the stem rod material, section length 30 ~ 10, such as the need to cut section length 2 ~ 60mm, the spindle motor by 0.75kw-4 for 0.75kw-6.
(2) Pieces: install custom knife disc assembly cut leaf material, block 10 * 10 ~ 25 * 25. To cut more than 20 x 20, install spare knife disk window mask, Meng on a window, only a single window cutting.
(3) The replacement of custom knife shred disc assembly, 3 * 3 ~ 8 * 8, less than 30 of the long wire, strip, ding.
(4) Change the tool and miter feeding tank installation angle can be cut 30 degrees to 45 degrees oblique cutting, horizontal and inclined two.
(5) Cutting material length: the main axis normal 810 / min, feeding trough by 0.75KW electromagnetic speed motor or frequency converter through the 1:8.6 reducer, belt wheel drive. When the operation is only need to hand rotation speed adjustment table knob to get the cutting length.
(6) Output: 500 ~ 2000kg/h
(7) Appearance: 1140×670×1300, 140 × 1000 feed chute.
(8) Weight: Machine weight 200kg, knife disc, knife 16kg

Electromagnetic speed motor wiring and operation method;

(1) Line: for three-phase four wire, three red (green) line is connected with the three-phase power supply, single yellow zero line.
(2) Start: press the green start button, the knife disc motor operation, according to the controller of the toggle switch (break through), regulating knob angle, that is, to change the cutting length.
(3) Stop: in the opposite direction adjustment knob reset to zero, press the toggle switch controller (on-off), press the red button to stop.

Inverter control motor wiring and operation method

(1) Line: three-phase three wire system, there is a green yellow double color line exposed in the control box, this line is to protect the ground, the machine is installed, it must be ground, otherwise the operator will feel numb.
(2) Start: according to the green start button to switch to the cutter head motor running to open the inverter switch to adjust the inverter knob, that is to change the cutting length.
(3) Stop: press the red stop button.

Bearing, oil seal

(1) Main shaft bearing: 2073 sets; oil seal: 3558122
(2) On the conveyor belt double sealed bearing: 1802045 sets
(3) Reduction gear box bearing: 2054 sets, 2062 sets; the oil seal 2542104, 3045102; the bridge shaft outer spherical bearing: P205 1 set

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