Humanized design in food machinery and equipment

Humanization refers to a concept, is in the design of the product not only take into account the user's living habits, operating habits, convenient for users to use, but also to meet the functional demands of users. At present, the concept of humanization has been applied in many fields, such as food machinery, pharmaceutical machinery and so on. Starting from humanized design, in order to meet the needs of users for humanized equipment, many food machinery manufacturing enterprises have been humanized into the products.


01 Kitchen electrical equipment

In recent years, with the attention of kitchen electric industry, kitchen economy has become an important topic to be held in both hands. Each big well-known hutch electric manufacturer rolls out new product in series, if boss released central smoking cigarette machine, square too rolled out intelligent lift new product to wait.

Although the lampblack machine on the market is countless, with respect to the author, what value more is the size of the adsorption force, exhaust air volume, noise and integral size of the lampblack machine. Perhaps the kitchen appliance manufacturers have captured the needs of users and injected personalized design into the products to better meet the needs of different customers. The author learns, on the market side suction type lampblack machine, "big suction" lampblack machine product increases, compare at direct suction type lampblack machine, former close smoke effect is better. In addition, the side suction range hood is not easy to hit the head compared with the top suction type (direct suction type), and the appearance is more scientific and technological sense.

02 Candy packing machine

With the continuous upgrading of the consumer market, as well as the changing consumption concepts and ways, the candy processing industry is also full of tricks, whether the shape and packaging of candy, or the raw materials of candy are in constant innovation. For example, a candy factory in Wuhan introduced light bulb lollipops. Compared with the traditional lollipop, the bulb lollipop has higher requirements for packaging equipment.
As we know, the common lollipop packing machine is suitable for diameter below 3cm, while the diameter of bulb lollipop is greater than 6cm. Then, packaging machinery manufacturers need to upgrade the original equipment to meet the production needs of customers.
At present, many lollipop packaging machinery manufacturers on the market have developed comprehensive equipment that can package a variety of candy, which integrates machine, electricity and gas control into one, with a reasonable and compact structure and a high degree of automation. At the same time, but also to meet the strict control of continuous production, under the absolute health of spare parts, made of good quality and consistent shape of products.
03 air shower

With the rapid development of the purification industry, the air shower has been from the original manual drenching to now fully automatic drenching, the performance of the air shower has had a qualitative leap. As workers or cargo pass through the air shower, contaminated particles are removed with highly purified, highly filtered air. Therefore, for the food industry with higher requirements of cleanliness, the air shower has played an important role.

Many places actively implement the "purification workshop" standard, strict requirements of the production workshop to do "three", therefore, many food processing enterprises need to upgrade the purification workshop. According to the author's understanding, the traditional aluminum alloy decoration workshop method, it is easy to form a health dead Angle, breeding microbes, especially in the workshop ventilation is through the window and the door directly with the air circulation, the product is easy to cause pollution.

Therefore, food machinery manufacturing enterprises for purifying workshop set up special facilities in and out of the wind, the air filtration purification, and set up the entrance of the workshop air shower facilities, whole body of workers entering the workshop dust removal, sterilization, in and out of the workshop and ventilation facilities "filter", make enterprise basically reached the aseptic production workshop. (The article is from the wechat public account "Food Machinery equipment network")

In fact, whether food machinery manufacturing industry, or other industries, the concept of humanization has been deeply into the product design. In the face of fierce market competition, food machinery manufacturing industry in addition to improving its own innovation research and development strength, rich product humanization design, to meet customer requirements, to solve the actual needs of customers is very important. In the future, the concept of humanization will be further deepened, and it will become an important weapon for food machinery manufacturing enterprises to meet the needs of the industry and win market share.

Post time: Apr-22-2022