Open Box Dryer

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The drying oven is designed according to the deficiencies existing in the actual use of many varieties of drying oven in xinghua dewatering plants. It has the characteristics of large air volume, high strength, reasonable process structure and convenient operation and maintenance. It is suitable for drying and dewatering of all kinds of vegetables and food.

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1. Fan:
(1) Choose 4-72 6a-4kw-4. A slight improvement on the original.
Flow 6677-13353m3/h full pressure 724Pa
(2) Choose 11-62 Type A low-noise multi-wing centrifugal fan 11-62-5A-5.5KW-6
Flow 9800-19300m3/h Full pressure 920-640Pa Noise ≤79

2. Radiator:
(1) 4 rows of 76 φ 16×1 purple steel pipe and copper belt composition;
(2) 5-6 rows of φ 18×2 seamless steel tube aluminum binding sheet, installation size of 880×880mm.

3. The box body adopts the whole stainless steel plate welding, box body, screen, plate thickness 1.5mm, the frame is welded into the well word frame with stainless steel profile, high strength, no deformation, no air leakage, no water leakage, easy to clean, solve the product into carbon and drying dead Angle, improve the sanitary conditions, ensure the quality of drying.

4. Air volume adjustment:
(1) Manual throttle handle;
(2) New type: controlled by 5.5KW inverter.

5. Temperature level adjustment:
Hand rotary radiator stop valve switch can change the temperature level, when the material is close to dry, close the stop valve, into the cold air for about half an hour before discharging.

6. Oven effective size:
(1) 2×2 m =4m2;
(2) 3×1.5 meters =4.5m2

7. Overall dimensions:
(1) length × width × height =3800×2100×1510mm;
(2) 4800×1800×1510mm.


Divided into ordinary type and all stainless steel type square, rectangular variety supply, are customized according to user needs.
This series of products are guaranteed for one year, lifelong maintenance service.

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