Sortering Equipment

  • Multi-station Cutting Top and Root Sorting Machine

    Multi-station Cutting Top and Root Sorting Machine

    Material from both sides of the front end to each station, manual visual sorting or cut off the head and tail, processed qualified products, into the middle baffle groove sent to the rear hopper, missed, too late sorting from the two sides of the conveyor belt sent to another hopper. Unqualified products or sundry, scraps from the station of the funnel fell to the bottom of another conveyor belt, back to the front of the collector. Remove the upper middle baffle groove, can be used as a flat conveyor.

  • Stem and Leaf Winnowing Machine

    Stem and Leaf Winnowing Machine

    Stem and leaf winnowing machine is suitable for dehydrated vegetables, tea leaves, dry food foreign body removal, using specific gravity selection, quantitative supply, wind regulation and other means. It can remove the heavy foreign body in the finished product, such as: stone, sand, metal; Light foreign body, such as: paper, hair, sawdust, plastic, silk cotton.

  • Magnetic vibration screening

    Magnetic vibration screening

    The unit automatic feeding, continuous operation, stepless air regulation, high separation accuracy. It can be used with X-ray machine, metal testing machine to form a new product packaging line. It is the ideal packaging equipment for vegetable processing and food industry.