Stone washing and cleaning machine

Short Description:

Production capacity: 1-3 tons/hour, the walking speed is controlled by stepless variable speed motor
Air bubble: 2.2KW vortex aerator
High pressure spray power: 3KW pipeline pump
Dimensions: 5500*1800*1250
Weight: 542 kg
This series of products cover one year, lifelong maintenance service.
(Note: can be customized according to customer needs)

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Functional Features

Driven by the network chain, the high pressure rolling bubbles will constantly wash the fruits and vegetables in the tank, coupled with the rotating brush effect, repeatedly washed out of the water, after the spray further cleaning; The water in the tank is filtered by the attached tank and then fed into the tank through the pipeline pump. If you need disinfection, the sink can be matched with a certain concentration of disinfectant; If you need to kill cyanine, sterilization, can be in the water tank through steam heating.
The water consumption of the machine is low and meets the requirements of water saving. Simple structure, clean, practical, convenient operation and maintenance features, widely used in vegetables, fruit processing, catering industry, such as cleaning, disinfection, sterilization.

Main Uses

Suitable for stem and leaf vegetables, cut cabbage, potato roots and all kinds of fruits and other materials.

Background Information

The machine is designed and manufactured according to the urgent needs of the development of vegetable and fruit food processing industry.

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