Lg-500 Reciprocating Vegetable Cutter

Short Description:

The machine is improved according to the market cutting knife cutting conveyor belt, the design of cutting forward cut into the lower edge, cutting and small size of the material under the knife for nylon top knife plate. Eliminate contamination brought to the product by cut conveyor. After cutting, the product is free falling into the collector, eliminating the phenomenon of secondary centrifugal force jilting and breaking of disc and hob vegetable cutter. Accurate size, suitable for stem, stem and leaf vegetables cutting, slicing, such as cabbage, cabbage, chives, mustard, garlic, kelp and bean products. It is an ideal machine for vegetable cutting in vegetable processing, salting industry, large supermarkets, cantons and hotels.

Product Detail

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Main Parameters

1. Specification section 2-70; Slice more than 2mm, cut into 20×20, 30×30, 40×40 (to be determined when ordering)
2.output: 500-1000kg/h
3.supporting power: Y100L2-4 3KW
4.feed groove width: 500mm
5.overall size: 1350×900×1250mm
6.the machine weight: 210kg

Lg-500 reciprocating vegetable cutte (4)

Working Principle

The material walks forward on the conveyor belt of the feeding trough, and after being clamped and pressed by the upper pressure belt, it is sent to the vertical knife that reciprocates up and down and is cut into segments. If the vertical knife is equipped with a group of equidistant small vertical knives, the material is cut into squares or rectangular blocks

Cut size

Cutting specifications can be changed by changing vertical knives (due to different distances of small vertical knives welded on different vertical knives, which should be explained when ordering) and changing the stepping distance of upper and lower conveyor belt.

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