Drum Carrot Washing And Cleaning Machine

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Output: 8000-10000kg /h drum diameter 900
Total motor power: 3KW (electromagnetic speed regulating motor)
Dimensions (length × width × height) : 3620×1140×1670

Ⅳ, use matters needing attention:
1. Feed as evenly as possible. According to the material variety, the amount of sand, reasonable adjustment of speed and feed.
2. Open the sewage door regularly for sewage discharge, and open the haflid for cleaning and maintenance when necessary.
This series of products cover one year, lifelong maintenance service.

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The roller cleaning machine with its own unique cleaning function, mainly used in carrots, potatoes and other mud cleaning, has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance.

The material enters the rotating drum through the hoist, and the drum wall is arranged with a number of triangular Angle iron. The wet material and Angle iron constantly collide, shaking off mud and sand. The separated mud and sand sinks into the mud collecting tank and is discharged from the two mud outlets. The material will flow out automatically from the discharging end after two-stage cleaning.

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