• LG-500 Fruit And Vegetable Dicing Machine

    LG-500 Fruit And Vegetable Dicing Machine

    The fruit and vegetable three-dimensional fresh cut machine (i.e. Large dicing machine)is the company and the Jiangsu University jointly assume the provincial science and Technology Departmentof science and technology plan to support research projects, which belongs to the high-tech product, has a national invention patents and a number of national utility model patents. The main feature of the machine is: cutting size range, .  up to 25mm cube; cutting parts and mechanical transmission parts are thoroughly isolat-ed, completely eliminate the contamination of the product; no sanitation dead, the team quickly cleaning; replacing the cutter is convenient, reduces the repair work. Suitable for potato, carrot, potato, onion, green pepper, strawberry, apple, peach, pear,pineapple and other tubers of fresh fruits and vegetables cut into slices, strips, diced product.

  • High Pressure Spray Washing Machine

    High Pressure Spray Washing Machine

    Production capacity: 1-3 tons/hour, the walking speed is controlled by stepless variable speed motor
    Air bubble: 2.2KW vortex aerator
    High pressure spray power: 3KW pipeline pump
    Dimensions: 5500*1800*1250
    Weight: 542 kg
    This series of products cover one year, lifelong maintenance service.
    (Note: can be customized according to customer needs)

  • LG-750 Multi-functional Vegetables Cutting Machine

    LG-750 Multi-functional Vegetables Cutting Machine

    This machine is designed and manufactured repeatedly based on the shortcomings of various imported machines in domestic field use. With stainless steel and full rolling bearing structure, it has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, mature and reliable, convenient use and maintenance. Suitable for processing all kinds of vegetables in the food industry such as dehydration, quick-freezing, fresh-keeping, pickling, etc. , Spinach cut into pieces; yam, bamboo shoots, burdock slices; green and red pepper, onion cut rings; carrot slices, shreds; aloe cuts, strips and so on.

  • Stem and Leaf Winnowing Machine

    Stem and Leaf Winnowing Machine

    Stem and leaf winnowing machine is suitable for dehydrated vegetables, tea leaves, dry food foreign body removal, using specific gravity selection, quantitative supply, wind regulation and other means. It can remove the heavy foreign body in the finished product, such as: stone, sand, metal; Light foreign body, such as: paper, hair, sawdust, plastic, silk cotton.

  • Magnetic vibration screening

    Magnetic vibration screening

    The unit automatic feeding, continuous operation, stepless air regulation, high separation accuracy. It can be used with X-ray machine, metal testing machine to form a new product packaging line. It is the ideal packaging equipment for vegetable processing and food industry.

  • Round Drum Washing machine

    Round Drum Washing machine

    The drum washer is widely used in vegetable processing industry with its own unique cleaning function. It has the characteristics of simple structure, clean and convenient operation and maintenance.

  • Horizontal high speed slicer

    Horizontal high speed slicer

    The machine is imitation import recently developed new products, suitable for the food industry to garlic cloves, Onions, ginger, potatoes, mushrooms, potato root material slicing, with automatic orientation, neat shape, uniform thickness, good surface smoothness, simple structure, easy to use and maintenance, etc..

  • LG-240Two-dimensional cutting machine

    LG-240Two-dimensional cutting machine

    This machine is designed to cut large leaf vegetables such as spherical sweet orchid (cabbage) and Chinese cabbage into squares or rectangular blocks, after repeated experiments, optimized design. Compared with similar products, the main advantage of this machine is that the material will not stay in the gap between the disc knife and the crosscutting knife, which meets the requirements of food hygiene.

  • LG-500 platform oriented slicer Instruction manual

    LG-500 platform oriented slicer Instruction manual

    It is suitable for the directional slice of sweet potato, ball, root, fruit and vegetable materials such as carrot, coke, onion ring, apple ring, lotus root, burdock, yam, bamboo shoot and sweet orange.